Grifting the moniker from a much‐loved brand of Japanese cancer sticks, Mild 7 arrived on their scene exceeding the limits of domestic space. Partners in smoke Darin Walsh and Thomas F. Banks (Bully Pulpit, Hollow Body) first bonded as sophomore year imports to Lyons Township High School, where they began to collaborate on a set of acoustic duets to be performed on suburban street corners and at Cool Kid parties.

At some point 1986 arrived and their pal Jim Valentin (Poster Children, Salaryman) fired up his Fostex 4‐track to collect a short batch of these esoteric compositions. The resulting tracks document their arcane adolescence devoted to preternaturally skewed desiderata; these interests expressed via acoustic guitar tunes are sonically indebted to the hard‐working vocabularies of DIY jazz, acid folk, and sundry SST artists of the day.

Mild 7: Mild 7