Jerald Scott (known as Bump Funk) was legendary in the Kansas City soul music scene. From the late 60's to the early 80's, Bump and his bands electrified crowds across the country with live performances that rivaled the largest names of that era. After performing with a number of groups, Bump assembled a band of musicians that most shared his talents and passions, "The Bump Band."

"Our Music", the Bump Band's only full length album, was recorded in 1983. It was never released due to "industry challenges." The original recordings were forgotten for decades, but were recently discovered in Bump's attic. When Bump's son, Jeremy Scott, and the folks at Lotuspool Records listened to this lost treasure, it was undeniable that "Our Music" had to be shared.

The release of "Our Music" is a dream come true for Bump. It's also a loving tribute to the band members no longer with us (Herman, Terry and Wanda). We hope you enjoy the vibes!

The Bump Band: Our Music